About Archbishop Attipetty Public School

Archbishop Attipetty Public School was established in the year 2005 by the Francis assisi educational Trust, under the experienced and dynamic guidance of its founder, Rev. Dr. Francis Kannikal.S.J. His way of looking at modern trends in education with deepest devotion, worship and spirituality is reflected in every step made by school till today. The school is located in a beautiful and serene environment flanked by the Vembanad lake on the west and Vallarpadom Container Terminal Railway Bridge on the North. The schools' infrastructure itself is a marvel in simplicity and economy. Excellent facilities are provided for Co-curricular activities. Sports and Games stand unparallel to any of such institution in the city. From the time of its humble beginnings, the progress was phenomenal. The school at its infancy had 24 students and 5 staff members and now has strength of 450 students on the rolls.

The growth of the school is unlike that of any other educational institution in the city. It is equipped with all amenities and infrastructure that make possible an education that caters to the modern times. The school is blessed with a dedicated and resourceful team of teachers whose skills and talent ensure the overall development of the students, encouraging them to select their career as per their aptitude to have a successful life and use the time in a meaningful way. There are 30 teaching and non teaching staff. The school obtained affiliation under the Central Board Of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the Year 2012 and sending up its first batch of class IX students for the All India Secondary School Examination in 2013 -14.

The goal of our school is to make students responsible for their own holistic growth, by learning beyond boundaries. Academic excellence is high on the priority list but it is coupled with physical, spiritual and personal excellence. The school follows the co-educational stream of education and has adopted English as the medium of instruction.

The Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Attipetty


Rev. Dr. Francis Kannikal S.J.




Director & Manager



Board of Directors

Rev. Dr. Thomas Marrottikkaparambil OCD

Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD

Fr. Dibin Das OCD

Fr. Lalju OCD

Rev. Fr. Dr. Benny Acharuparambil OCD.

Rev. Fr. Godwin Thimothy OCD

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Contact us via email - attipettyps@yahoo.in Or just give us a call at 9847840470, 9895840991

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Contact Information

T.K.C. Road, Vaduthala P.O.
Kochi, Ernakulam
Kerala - 682023
Fr. Shibu : 9895840991
Office : 9847840470
email : attipettyps@yahoo.in
Web : www.attipettyps.com