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Teaching with audio-visual aids. | Computer aided teaching. | Sophisticated Computer Lab.

Well equipped Science Lab. | English Language Lab. | Well stocked Library. | Parent interactive sessions.

Personality development and grooming sessions. | Training in public speaking. | Counselling.

Academic Information


In the Archbishop Attipetty Public School our endeavour is to help the students achieve academic excellence. However, this is only one and not the only aim. We envisage a value-based education with emphasis on moulding the personality of the students to create confident, competent and morally and socially mature individuals who will always be a credit to the society and the world they live in.

The School encourages the students in both their academic and co-curricular pursuits while aiming at moulding them into confident and efficient citizens capable of coping with practical and ideological situations in life. The education provided aims at the harmonious growth of physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the students' personalities.

The school is affiliated to the C.B.S.E. (Aff. No. 930893 & School Code 42527). The students are prepared for the AISSE courses.


In primary classes in addition to the usual subjects of English, Language (Hindi / Malayalam), Mathematics and Environ-mental Studies, the students are also given classes in English Conversation, Singing, Music, Dance, Drawing, Craft, Computer Science, P.T., Yoga etc.


The Secondary Classes from VII to IX. The following subjects are taught :

SECOND LANGUAGE (Hindi / Malayalam )
THIRD LANGUAGE (Hindi / Malayalam )
SCIENCE (Physics, Chemistry, Biology,Environmental Education)
SOCIAL SCIENCE (History, Civics, Geography)
WORK EXPERIENCE (Computer Science / Craft )
ART EXPERIENCE (Art-Drawing / Music & Dance)

The academic performance has been improving every year with each successive batch bettering previous performances. Students are assessed based on a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme introduced by CBSE from the year 2009 onwards.

Examination/Evaluation Schemes

» The scheme for classes I-VIII has been designed on Term Assessment basis to bring uniformity in the system of assessment.It comprises of two terms ie, Term-1 and 2 as explained below.

» For classes IX and X, the examination from academic year 2017-18 and onwards would be conducted as per the remodeled assessment structure explained below.

Some Unique features

»   Teaching with audio-visual teaching aids
»   Computer aided teaching
»   Sophisticated computer lab
»   Well - equipped science lab
»   English language lab
»   Well- stocked library
»   Personality development and grooming sessions
»   Parent interactive sessions
»   Training in public speaking
»   Counselling



A spacious and well- stocked library is provided to the young minds to broaden their horizons. The general reading room and the reference section has the latest books on various subjects and a good number of magazines.

In addition to this, class libraries are also maintained by students, which provide additional reading time and imparts training in cataloging, classification, preservation and library management.

The school library is about 72 m² in area, serving 9 periodicals, 4 dailies, 9 magazines and 155 reference books class-wise and others.

Science Laboratories

Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are equipped to cater to the needs of the latest CBSE curriculum. The well-lit and spacious labs provide excellent atmosphere for students to develop their scientific skills.

Computer Lab

Our computer lab is well- equipped with all machines networked and has access to internet. These computer labs provide fast and easy access to vast amount of information in a variety of formats.

Audio - Visual Room

There is a technically advanced, state of the art AV room for the seniors and the juniors. Both the rooms are well stocked with content based VCDs. Periods are allotted in the timetable to provide audiovisual based classes to the students on a regular basis.

Language Lab

A spacious and well-equipped language lab is set up with high-end technology. The training programme is computer aided in which students learn communicative English using headphones and speakers. Periods are allotted in the regular timetable for this programme.

Sports Facilities

Separate play areas for junior school and senior school are maintained in the campus. Facilities include a football ground, volley ball court and badminton court. Yoga classes are also conducted in the school.

School Store

The school store supplies text books and note books. School uniforms, socks and belts are also arranged and distributed at the beginning of every academic year through the school store.

Transport Facilities

The school currently provides one school bus as transport for students and other staff who have availed said service. Apart from that we provide ample parking space for personal transport facilities to both students and staff.

Transport facility charges:

250 per month to 450 per month

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